Thursday, 25 January 2018


Baker Boy Hat (Here)  Sweater (Here)  Skirt (Here)  Sunglasses (Here)  Bag (Here)
Sunglasses (Here)  Top S/O at Topshop (Here) / Alternative (Here) (Here) (Here)  Belt (Here)  Trousers (Here)
Mockberg Watch (Here)
Lexi Dress (Here)
Roped Heels (Here)
Blazer Dress (Here)
Fenty Beauty Highlighter (Here)  Chloe Lewis Beauty Lipstick (Here)
Blazer Dress (Here)  Boots (Here)
Chloe Lewis Beauty Highlight (Here)  Lipstick (Here)

I've been wearing a lot of white lately, the weather is getting better (omg we can actually sit outside again) and you know how I like to keep my fit's pure and simple. One of my favourite looks has got to be the Lexi Clothing dress, I like to shoot a gown from time to time and isn't this one just exquisite? I can imagine it to be a great bridesmaid dress! FYI, I am totally into the idea of having everyone wear white to my wedding, I know that's usually frowned upon but this dress has totally inspired me. For all those that asked for all the details on these pieces, I hope you find what you're looing for!
Nada Adelle

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