Thursday, 1 June 2017


Le Surf Tee (Here)    Bikini Bottoms (Here)   Sunglasses (Here)
Lace Playsuit (Here)
Forever Unique Navy Gown (Here)
Lace Tie Up Swimsuit (Here)
Ruffle Jumpsuit (Here)
Forever Unique Navy Gown (Here)
Frill Lace Top (Here)   Earrings / Similar (Here)

Well here we are, the 1st of June! and I'm already longing to get back to last weeks 40 degree weather. I love Dubai, a scorching trip was way over due since November's frosty New York. As you know I've been here almost every year since I was a little girl and I like to stay somewhere I never have before - this time 'the one and only royal mirage'. The grounds are everything one could imagine and more. This summer feels a little different to the last few, instead of looking towards a break I'm actually in the head space of throwing myself into work. In fact, everything feels a little different at the moment, especially me. I sense a new chapter opening, and although that usually terrifies me, this one feels right. It feels like the beginning. It feels like everything I've ever wanted is about to start... and I'd like to stick around for a while to see it.
Nada Adelle


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