Tuesday, 7 February 2017


Life, by Okinawa: A natural beauty

As you all know I recently celebrated my 24th birthday, aside from celebrations there is a certain cloud of deep thought that comes with each passing year. What have I accomplished thus far? Should I be further? What does this next year entail? a lot of questions that many females ask themselves in a society that focuses on the physical and somewhat gives women an 'expiration date'. I recently watched this video by Be Okinawa who are focusing on Okinawa in Japan and how to learn more by travelling and expanding ones view on beauty. This seriously resonated with me as the two women, Jen and Sarah, both work in Fashion PR, a job similar to my own so it got me thinking. Social media has reached it's all time high, I mean, it's a necessity for most of us and we almost live in this "Instagram Bubble" which for the most part is a great tool. It has, however, come with a certain pressure and created an unattainable beauty standard for many. Watching the people of Okinawa reminded me that sometimes we need to step out of that bubble, experience life from another perspective and expand our views on what beauty really is. It's so easy to get caught up in our every day online rut that we forget about the huge world out there, it's natural wonders, cultures and ways of life. Seeing those old women so full of happiness and LOVING their age made me melt... I'm now itching to visit Okinawa, how about you?
Nada Adelle

this post is in partnership with Be Okinawa

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