Friday, 27 January 2017



 Tie Sleeve Knit Jumper - Topshop (Here)
Leather Zip Leggings - Silkfred (Here)
Aviators - Romwe (Here)
Heeled Buckle Sandal - NA-KD (Here)
Quilted Crossbody Bag - Topshop (Here)

I have a hate love relationship with January, the grey days seem everlasting and dark comes too soon but I also want to live in cosy knitwear forever AND it is the month of MY BIRTHDAY so I guess that's a ray of sunshine on an otherwise very glum period. Sleeves seem to be the biggest A/W fashion trend this year and definitely my favourite... bell sleeves and cute ribbon tie jumpers, I can't get enough of you. I paired this one with my Silkfred bikers which are one of the only pairs I've found that actually hug my figure if you're looking for the skinny style, there's nothing worse than a pair of pants that are loose in all the wrong places. Shop the look below!
Nada Adelle


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