Tuesday, 20 December 2016



There are some decisions that you never look back on in life, deciding to take on blogging full time is one of them for me. Although the uncertainty of being freelance is terribly daunting, I can't imagine ever living my life in any other way than 'on the go'  - the world is now my runway so to speak. Technology has become my bestfriend over the years and it's absolutely insane how much I've learnt along the way. You're looking at a girl who hated the slightest phone update to someone who now knows their way around a professional camera, editing software and even gets a kick out of looking at the latest equipment. I think I've finally adjusted to always carrying an extra bag around for my laptop, it's not that I don't leave home without it - it's I CAN'T. If I'm not sat at a coffee shop sending last minute emails, I'll be running from meeting to shoot with documents and mood boards and of course then comes Fashion Week where everything needs to be updated AS IT HAPPENS. I'm forever on the look out for the latest technology that will make my work easier when I heard about the worlds first laptop to measure less than 1cm thin, wow. Acer's New Swift 7 laptop has been the talk of the town with bloggers calling it small, stylish and compact. This beauty has a 9 hour battery life, 3X faster connections and a built in finger scanner so you don't have to enter a password - I think someone has been listening to my dream inventions. Thank you Acer God's.
Nada Adelle

this post is in partnership with Acer.

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