Saturday, 30 July 2016


All Frank Body Products Available (Here)

You all know me as 'that coffee girl' I can't help a good caffeine shot or slogan tee, or three, or four! But recently the phenomenon hasn't been around drinking our favourite hot beverage but bathing in it... obviously this has my name written all over it, or Frank's actually. I wanted to incorporate it into my routine to try out after reading that coffee scrubs are indeed a great natural exfoliator as it has the same PH as your skin which means -  no damage! more importantly my main focus personally was to target skin imperfections, these babies target free radicals and are high in antioxidants. As always I did my research and found some insane before and afters of a range of skin conditions which were really impressive. I've tried all kinds of oils in the past but getting to the source and scrubbing away seems more beneficial and something that I can easily do every day for a long period of time in my daily shower... I can't lie, it kind of helps that I get to leave my bathroom smelling of fresh caffeine every morning too.
Nada Adelle

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