Saturday, 30 July 2016


Allesandra Dress - DUKE n co (Here)

Supporting a good cause is something that I have always tried to incorporate within my blog and every so often something magical happens where I come across a brand that has a passion for fashion... and compassion. I saw this stunning dress circulating social media a few months back but I never would have guessed it had come from a not-for-profit brand, can you believe it? Having said that, I was obviously thrilled when DUKE n co reached out to me to feature an item. Owner of the brand Georgina Akkou's motto "I'd like to think that people can both look good and do good at the same time" is so inspiring to me, they work directly with charitable foundations in Tanzania and each purchase equates to a medical or educational resource donated to a Tanzanian community in need. Just in case that message wasn't enough, the collection itself blew me away >.< I got a 'that dress is so you' because I'm sure you all know my taste to a T now. Tailored, timeless, elegant pieces all with unique detailing, I found my perfect match.
Nada Adelle
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