Tuesday, 26 April 2016


Cut Out Cami - Missy Empire (Here)
Leather Biker Jeans - Missy Empire (Here)
Vinyl Heels - Zara (Here)
Pixie Bag - Pauls Boutique (Here)
D Struct Sunglasses - Asos (Here)

My current day to day uniform looks a little like this! easy, breezy and pure comfort. I'm all for this current neck choker/key hole top trend, somehow it makes even the most plain outfit look dressed up which to be honest is a god send for me right now because easy does the job. I wonder how many of you have been eyeing up these Zara vinyl heels and managed to fight the urge? WELL I COULDN'T. Almost everyone I know said they wanted them but when I seen them in store I totally got sucked in! and contrary to popular belief they actually are really comfortable... in my every day wearing heel opinion >.<
Nada Adelle


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