Thursday, 14 April 2016


Karma Ribbed Dress - Brand Attic (Here)
Wool Hat - Nelly By Lisa Olsson (Here)
Gold Cuff - Boohoo (Here)
Gold Rings - Boohoo (Here)
Caged Heels - Missy Empire (Here)

The last few days have almost... almost felt like summer so of course taking full advantage meant pulling out a light dress and a hat to match >.< one can dream. Today marked Brand Attic's first birthday so it also seemed fitting to wear one of my favourite items from the brand to celebrate. It always gives me a huge amount of inspiration to see our best loved online department stores grow and flourish in such a short space of time. These guys house an array of amazing brands and it excites me every time I find another on site. I guess it's true what they say, motivation and inspiration can be found everywhere.
Nada Adelle

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