Monday, 22 February 2016


Ellie Shirt - Ivy Revel (Here)
Leather Biker Trousers - Zara / Similar (Here)
Belt - Asos (Here)
Suede Sandal - Saint Laurent (Here)
Croc Bag - H&M (Here)
Rings - Lvndr (Here)
Pendant Necklace - H&M (Here)
Sunglasses - Asos (Here)

Those days you wear all of your most loved pieces together and create this combo! boyish but chic. The Ivy Revel shirt is one of my favourite's ever owned, I love that it has no collar and is plunging with the gold button details. I put it together with my other favourite's of their kind, best bikers & comfiest Saint Laurent strappy heels. I could walk in these for days. My sleep is on 0 at the moment so sunglasses are not only a necessity but a life saver too haha, am I the only person who can't function unless they have at least 10 hours? >,<
Nada Adelle


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