Sunday, 28 February 2016


Tie Front Shirt - Boohoo (Here)
Leather Utility Skirt - Maniere De Voir (Here)
Pointed Heel Boot - Ego (Here)
Sunglasses - Asos (Here)
Croc Bag - H&M (Here)

Happy Sunday lovers <3 I hope you're all having a day of relaxation because I AM NOT! This weekend has been absolutely manic for me and I'm currently sat on my second long journey, the last was delayed and took me 6 hours to get home so I guess this will be a breeze. Can we talk about this skirt though? I think someone got into my head and created my dream piece. In fact, I think I want to wear this outfit every day >.< serious heart eyes. Well, for now it's not too appropriate as Craig and I will be heading to a christening today haha but i'll be back to black shortly.
Nada Adelle



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