Friday, 1 January 2016

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Cashmere Coat - Primark / Similar (Here / more below)
Bag - Runway London / Similar (Here)
D-Struct Sunglasses - Asos (Here)
Ivette Heels - Public Desire (Here)

Happy New Year! I can't believe this is the first post of 2016, it feels strange but I'm already so excited to look back on it because with each entry comes more growth. This is what I wore yesterday in the day time, it was such a lovely sunny winters morning. Every now and then Primark do the odd cashmere pieces that are a little more expensive than their average price range but I heard about this one and grabbed it for £50 because I always fall in love with trench coats, they're my weakness. As they don't stock online I have put together a collection of some similar ones below in a variation of colours which has led me to believing i MUST now own a grey one haha. Today I'm recovering from latsnight's late night, although we only went for dinner we stayed out pretty late as our booking wasn't until 10:45pm and the food was so so tasty that we ended up in pretty hardcore food comas >.<  I still made room for 3 desserts obv. I'm lusting for Monday already, let's get this show on the road.
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