Saturday, 30 January 2016


Shearling Biker Jacket - Maniere De Voir (Here)
V Neck Ribbed Top - Topshop (Here)
Cargo Trousers - Maniere De Voir (Here)
Lace Up Boots / Similar River Island (Here)
Sunglasses - Asos (Here)
Marble Phone Case - Madotta / Similar (Here)

Day 1 in Madrid looked a little like this, wearing one of the cosiest and most aesthetically pleasing jackets I've ever owned! it's rare for the two to coincide... sometimes it feels like a choice between comfort and warmth or being stylish? here's to finding both together. Speaking of comfort, this morning we woke up in the most amazing bed and I spent the first part of my birthday (omg I'm 23!!!) opening gifts while finding it impossible to get out. Breakfast was calling so we finally stumbled accross a 'cafe & tapas', seriously why don't we have them in the UK? It was so cute! more cafe's, exploring and sleeping on a marshmallow to come!
Nada Adelle


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