Saturday, 26 December 2015


Sports Bra - Pink Soda (Here)
Sports Hoody - Pink Soda (Here)
Sports Tights - Pink Soda (Here)
Nike Air Max Thea - JD Sports (Here)

I know it differs for many, but I am definitely the girl who prefers working out in the winter time. As you guys may have noticed lately - especially if you follow me on snapchat - i've made a little bit of a change and started doing classes rather than being in the gym doing my own thing. I've had the timetables since forever ago when I joined but since my brother and his girlfriend signed up a few weeks ago we all thought we'd give them a go. These classes are NO joke haha, so far i've attended total tone, abtensity and rip 60 every week... my brother actually puked in that one it was such a killer. Aside from the serious body aching I'm actually super happy, there's nothing like knowing you've actually worked your body correctly and that you can't stop because there is a teacher watching, she likes to remind us she has eyes in the back of her head O_o. 

Being active for me also means sourcing all the best work out gear, it just wouldn't be complete or as motivating without it. New to 2016, JD Sports will be launching active and lifestyle range Pink Soda which I'm wearing above and they really did get the style spot on. So far it is the most fashion forward collection I have seen which is really refreshing because it's widely known that psychologically we are more likely to work out when we're dressed well. For this first sneak peak I decided to work around the leggings with a grey and black colour scheme. The print reminded me of my obsession with marble that you are all way too familiar with (haha) and I often go for sports bras that have a brand band because I mean... they're so in right now. I love the pieces so much that I have decided to team up with them on a fitness journey on the Pink Soda Sports Hub (herewhere both myself and other influencers will be posting articles and advice. I'm really excited to work on my flexibility and strength as well as taking you guys along with me to a class and some cheat day secrets ;) which you can follow on the Pink Soda Sports Hub and #PinkSodaSport. Let me know what you're working on this winter!
Nada Adelle

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