Monday, 23 November 2015


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You all know very well how much I love sunglasses, they are my favourite accessory for any season! I constantly get asked which pair I am wearing so above I have listed some of my favourite designs for LESS THAN £10... yes I said it. I absolutely love designer sunglasses, every now and then I will feel the need to purchase the odd pair however in all honesty, sunglasses do not last me more than 2 months. As I'm always travelling, have them in my pocket, or the bottom of my bag - they break easily! because of this not only do I buy 3 pairs of every pair I like, I also think it's smart to buy a cheaper version which look just as good. If the bags under your eyes are not Chanel, you can always cover them with something just as stylish haha.
Nada Adelle


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