Saturday, 17 October 2015


I spent my Friday night indoors attempting to do them things you say you'll do but put off for months - like pulling out all the bags from under your bed and sorting through them. I can't complain, it was quite pleasant! I had gathered up tonnes of goodie bags from press days and fashion week so it was kind of like a mini Christmas and I was really impressed with some of the stuff - like this hair perfume? haha I had no idea it existed. I also have actually never bought a liquid eyeliner? probably because I have no idea how to do it and am one of those 'would rather go without eye make up' kinda gals but no more... I'm going to try it with this handy little thin one. As well as this, I also went through some old stuff that I do not want anymore to add to my Depop. It's an app where you can sell your items so if you're looking for some stuff for half the price head over to mine :) username: @nadaadellex
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