Thursday, 8 October 2015


Ribbed Bodysuit - Missguided (Here)
Blue Tulle Skirt - Lydia Bright / Similar (Here)
Eleanor Doctor Tote - Florian London (Here)
Rope Heeled Sandala - Missguided (Here)
Sunglasses - My Milly Moo (Here)

"Playing dress up beings at age five and never truly ends" this quote always reminds my of myself, especially when wearing the more grown up version of a princess outfit >,< I always loved the idea of expression through fashion and well the whole growing up thing... that's something I NEVER believed in. Everyone I've ever had the conversation with talks about their teens being a time of having the biggest urge to grow up and wishing to be older, that never happened to me. Turning 18 meant nothing, I never went on to do any of the things I could "legally" and I've used my ID less than a hand full of times. My dreams still consist of building a real tree house (I watched a documentary on some of the best ones in the world the other day) and being peter pan, of course. When I saw some teens write "goals, in 10 years time" on my image yesterday... even though being a mere 4 years older than them haha, I couldn't help but have a big think about it. There's no rush guys, and you will never be as anything as you are right now... young, healthy, free. Enjoy it and use the hell out of it! you are goals too ;).
Nada Adelle


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