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I can't believe it has been a year since I graduated Law School, it only feels like yesterday as I've been on a complete whirlwind ever since and time has passed so fast. I remember the day I graduated I rushed out, jumped on a train to London and started pursuing my dreams from the moment the ceremony was over. Having said that, for those of you just starting officially this week, see it as the beginning of a great journey where so much of your growth is going to happen. A lot of you requested that I give some tips for getting through this next chapter of your life so here are some that helped me:

We're All In This Together
First of all, if you're feeling nervous, panicky or straight up freaking out... just remember that everyone else is too. I chose to go to a university in a city I had never been to before with absolutely nobody that I knew so how's that for a fresh start? this is a new experience for everyone so if were all alone, then were all in that together too.

Record Everything
I'm going to be honest, for the most part you're going to be half asleep in those early morning lectures or at least miss something because you were trying to keep up at a ridiculous pace. I recorded every single lecture on my iPhone and it was a God send. Not only will you be able to listen back when completing assignments because your messy notes don't make sense, you will also be able to quote direct lines that came out of your lecturer's mouth in your work and they absolutely love that.

Organisation Is Key
Like most people, I'm not one of those perfectly organised students who have everything in check but at least try to have some kind of order. A good place to start is with bright coloured folders for each different subject. My mind responds to pretty things so having a few of those along with bright pens, highlighters and anything with little hearts on will help a girl out.

Second Hand Books
One of the first things you're going to receive is a list of ridiculously expensive books that you will need to buy for the subjects you're going to study in your first year. DON'T DO IT. I wish someone had told me this before I forked out. There are so many students selling their perfectly good books for half the price online or even at your campus - they usually put up a list on a noticeboard if so - find them and get yourself a bargain.

Don't Be Afraid To Explore
Looking back, I wish I'd have not been so afraid to have a real look around early on and find out everything that was available to me. I mean, I had no idea that this social bar/ lunching area existed until my third year. There will be so many libraries, canteens, study areas and even clubs for you to join so suck it up and go make the most out of your university life.

Ask For Help
Unlike lower education, your teachers won't be at your beck and call offering more than the hours they're actually getting paid to do. However, if they recognise a student is going out of their way to ask for help and extra knowledge, they will happily offer it to you and even let you in on some things the others don't know. Seriously, I basically got the answers to a whole exam by constantly going to see my lecturer if I had any questions and it turned out to be a breeze.

Make Your Story
Most of the people I come across faces light up whenever they talk about their uni experience telling everyone how much of a great time it was and that they wish they could go back. For me, I actually did not go out once in my whole 3 years haha. No freshers experience, no wild stories... I guess it's just not me. I was definitely just there for my degree. However, this is your chance to make your story and enjoy some no responsibilities time in your life so make the most of it, have a blast and come out with not only a great degree but some wonderful life lessons.

Nada Adelle

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