Friday, 14 August 2015


Camel Waistcoat - Missy Empire (Here)
Strappy Cami - River Island (Here)
Zip Trousers - Quiz Clothing (Here)
Nude Heels - Zara / Similar (Here)
Bag - Hermes (Here)
Sunglasses - Asos (Here)

It's not every day your hair and skin colour match your outfit haha! but thanks to the bipolar weather I'm already flirting with fall colours expecting the next season to kick in way earlier than it should. Today I had a shoot in the north and was greeted by gale force rain to the point where all the models were stood around the hairdryers trying to salvage our belongings and tickets that were nicely drenched - not cool. Tonight I'm going to try a new Thai restaurant with the girls while I'm in town to have a nice catch up and fill my belly after 8 hours in front of a flash, woooh.
Nada Adelle



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