Thursday, 27 August 2015



Sunglasses - My Milly Moo (Here)
High Waist Jeans - Topshop (Here)
Ribbed Bodysuit - Missguided (Here)
Lace Up Boots - Public Desire (Here)
Bag - Hermes (Here)

Some days there's nothing better than wearing all comfy bits (usually black) jumping in the car with my love, throwing my feet up on the seat and having a nice unplanned day out. Whoever said accessories are not enough to take over an outfit was wrong, say hello to my new mirrored sunglasses! they deserve a whole spotlight of their own because they are pretty fabulous right? uh love. Also, I may have spilled before that I have this problem where I'll buy the same thing at least 4 times if I like it... these booties, ya they might just be one of them. But seriously, when in life won't I need a cute simple pair of black boots? total justification. I've done the same with these jeans, well maybe touching on 8 pairs now but you know it's totally needed... girls, I know you're with me :')
Nada Adelle


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