Wednesday, 29 July 2015


Ribbed Turtle Neck - Boohoo (Here)
Leather Zip Skirt - Pink Soda / Similar (Here)
Ankle Boot Heels - Public Desire (Here)
Gold Studded Bag - La Moda / Similar (Here)
Half Frame Sunglasses - Asos (Here)

We all have them comfort zone/second nature type clothes, turtle necks and leather zip skirts are two of them for me. I went through a phase once of not only wearing turtle necks with everything but under everything too! they're the one thing you can always count on to come back in stores every year. The weather couldn't make its mind up this week so neither could I! humid but cloudy? okay I'll go for a hot and cold outfit haha. All the change didn't do me any favours this weekend though, I got so ill and ended up travelling, puking and going to my job with NO SLEEP after having hot sweats all night waiting for 5am to come. Luckily it was a hair shoot (which will be out in a few months) so I got to spend most of the day sat down but my god did we have an interesting day! On the way the taxi driver took me and the other model to the wrong manor which lead to us buzzing, a door opening on it's own and us stood in someone's huge mansion living room... all before phoning and realising we were in the wrong place. Seriously, it was like a real life horror movie scene :') luckily we ran out before anyone came. After all the antics of this weekend I think I need a bit of normality in bed with my favourite new series 'suits'.
Nada Adelle


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