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Getting motivated is a task for all of us, staying motivated is a whole other story! if you think you're alone don't be fooled, there is not one of us who doesn't have that off day or wake up with a total 'can I cancel today and go back to bed' mindset. I myself am one of them, which is why this summer I've done my utmost to get rid of those thoughts and find ways to stay motivated, positive and raring to go.

Look The Part

It's no surprise this tip is the first considering my bright choice of gym wear in the images above, but it is oh so effective. Let's be honest, the way we dress has a serious impact on the way we feel and working out is no exception. It's the same with anything really, If I have a brand new dress to go out in, it ups the excitement and your mood for the night. Furthermore, if you look the part you're more likely to go ahead with the task. If you get up and put a shirt on, you're most likely off to work. Try putting on your gym wear first thing, it's amazing how we can trick the mind into what we should do next.

Get Your Mind Right

Everything begins and ends with our thoughts! positive thinking evokes more energy, more initiative and more happiness. Sometimes staying motivated is a battle... against yourself! Things such as yoga and meditation can have a huge impact on controlling your mind and turning those no's into a big YES. Sacrifice some of your evening TV time and try some of these activities to make sure you're ready to take charge of the next day.

Prepare the Popular Playlist

This works for me in every part of my life, not just working out. If I have a fresh playlist that I want to listen to, I will happily sit at my desk for hours editing while singing along. Also, I don't know about you but certain songs make my body want to get up and jump around whether I like it or not haha! these are the types of playlists you need to put together to keep up the energy. I also  have a new little routine where I will listen to motivational speeches before I go to sleep which has been really helping my mood lately, I think I will do a separate in depth post on this.

Mix It Up

I'm the type of person that avoids change, I get stuck on one thing that I have come to be comfortable with. The problem with this is it gets boring, once the body has done something so many times it is no longer a challenge. This week I went and bought skipping ropes and colourful small weights to keep at home! I figured since my little sister is on her summer holidays it was something we could both have fun with and do together... let's just say she had me in the garden all day.

Wake Up Call

Like everything in life, the novelty soon wears off and you find yourself slipping back into your old ways. Every time I watch a food documentary I'm horrified and go 0-100 real quick deciding to basically avoid everything that comes in a packet and join the rabbit life haha. After a few months I get less disturbed and start up the bad habits bit by bit. Therefore, every now and then I like to give myself a reminder! put a documentary on, read some articles or even just look up some yummy clean recipes. I'm not saying we should ever cut out everything like I want to in my panic moments - but it's good to keep a healthy perspective on how we should be treating our bodies.

Write It Down

If I write something down, there's a much higher chance that I'll do it... this is basically how I got through my law degree (I'm sure you guys will remember the pictures of my walls covered in writing). When it all gets a bit too much for my mind, I put it down on paper BIG & BOLD and stick it to the wall. Set goals, and write them down. This way you have a constant reminder and let's be honest, when something is written down and you fail to do it, you feel way more guilty because it's a sign of where you could have been by now if you had started when you should have.

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