Monday, 1 June 2015


Classic Spice Girl Top - Wildfox (Here)
Cropped Gym Leggings - New Look (Here)
Roshe Run Trainers - Nike (Here)

There's nothing better than stylish work out wear, I am positive it's part of the fun of being active and can in fact make you go harder. I've wanted this Wildfox top forever as you can totally wear it both ways... I've seen people pair it with an actual outfit and look super sassy so I am definitely all about that because it is comfy as hell and one of the rare tops that has clung to my skin and fit perfectly. This week I haven't had much time to get in my proper work outs but that has been improvised with how active I've been in London walking around for hours and back and forth to events. On that note, I am literally dying for my Samsung NX mini to come in the post since I smashed my current one a few weeks ago and I really need an on-the-go cam for little snaps which I'm missing out on at the moment due to it being too much hastle to lug around my huge canon all the time. I've never even tested one of these in real life so it was a bit of a gamble buy but what I've read looks great, have any of you experienced one? let me know if it was a good purchase.
Nada Adelle

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