Tuesday, 23 June 2015


A few weeks ago I took to my blog to write a petite plead centered around the current body shaming backlash which I felt personal to me being a girl who wears clothes on the smaller size of the scale and how this too can be a struggle. To my delight, I have witnessed a handful of brands aiming to bridge that gap offering stylish pieces on all ends of the spectrum - one being Boohoo. They recently launched "Boohoo Brands" which identifies key pieces for a range of occasions which means woohoo a whole section of petite wonders. I had a lot of responses on my social media from you lovely ladies who related to my post so above I have listed all of my favourite bits from the collection - which are also mighty inexpensive just to top it off. A lot of them are dresses due to my current situation writing this while looking out of the window at a bright blue British sky... it's not often you can say that! I guess summer has arrived :).
Nada Adelle

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