Thursday, 14 May 2015


It's no secret that body shaming has been at the forefront of all social media debates over the last few weeks with uproars, arguments and even petitions over products and advertisements but I couldn't help but sit back and think that everyone was missing the bigger picture? why is skinny shaming ok, if fat shaming is not? It seems people think in order to uplift one thing you have to put down another.

In my opinion, the model, well known for her fitness and physique, didn't deserve the personal backlash of comments just as it would be insane for hundreds to outwardly attack someone of a bigger size! this led me to think about the week I'd had. Since birth, I have always been described as 'petite' and have never been over a size 4/6 all down to genetics, genes and just my general overall build. In fact, the first comment I usually get when meeting someone is "how are you so tiny?" which I got the day of my shoot last week where the brand did not stock my size.

This month while watching Plus Sized Wars on channel 4 I found myself sitting with a proud grin when plus size bloggers were celebrating their right to bigger clothes and then I stopped to think about the flipside... how many stores do you see stocking a size 4 or 6? and would it be frowned upon if a huge campaign for petite girls hit the screens? Maybe it is just as insulting to have to be clipped in to everything as it would be if they didn't have a size big enough for you. Surely if were talking about fairness and equality it should be across the whole scale? everybody matters and every BODY matters. There are a huge amount of brands I adore the pieces from and would love the opportunity to own in something smaller than the sample size 10. Because of this, it's only right that I put a petite plead out that all brands should consider having a size available for all the petite women out there who need clothes too.

I don't recall a time ever being unhappy with my size and I am positive that being told to go eat a burger will never change that, but I will take you up on that offer because contrary to popular belief we do eat too. Let's try to focus on health and happiness, which you can't judge by someone's exterior... only the inside can tell you who is healthier than the next and it's the inside that matters. I love me. and I love you. and it's okay for us all to love each other.
Nada Adelle

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