Saturday, 16 May 2015


Nars Valhalla Eye shadow (Here)
Nars Luminous Weightless Foundation In 'Cadiz' (Here)
Nars Immaculate Complexion Pressed Powder (Here)
Sedona Lace Brushes - (Here) and (Here)

There are many face products that I'm yet to try but the Nars make up was definitely at the top of my list purely due to the amount of praise I've heard over the past few months and all of the feedback it gets online. I just had to give the new Luminous Weightless Foundation a whirl because of the raving reviews plastered all over at the moment literally naming it the best they've come across. Recent studies showed that 92% of ladies felt that the foundation provided full coverage and felt weightless so I was pretty won over with that one and am quite excited to see how I get on. I chose to get two other products I thought would compliment it which was the super shiny Valhalla shadow that I think would also work well as a highlighter for me and of course the immaculate pressed powder for the finish. Another thing I really needed lately was some new brushes because of my sensitive face so one of my requests was a really good and soft foundation brush which I got from Sedona Lace and is definitely the softest I have ever owned, they literally glide across my face so I'm really happy with that :) I think the new purchases are a definite score.
Nada Adelle

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