Monday, 25 May 2015


Joico Curl Range - (Here)

When it comes to packs of products I usually find one for every hair type 'fine hair, limp hair, coloured hair, dry hair' but there is rarely a whole array of products for curly hair together so when leading brand Joico recently launched their curl range I was pleasantly surprised and wanted to get my hands on some to try. There are seven products in total which aim to moisturize, define and strengthen the curl and they actually say it's for all types of curls from corkscrew to waves. Although not so important for the hair specifically, I'm always more inclined to buy products that smell amazing and I think this is the dreamiest I've come across haha. I tested the curl defining mousse on Craig's curly hair and ended up sniffing his head all day >,< it really defined and held his frizzy fro in place. The other products include anti frizz cream which I know a lot of you have trouble with, a correcting milk to restore the PH balance and also a reanimating mist that restores bounce which is my personal favourite product of the bunch. Like all things, if you're looking for holy grail products testing a few to find the one is key but as these products specify they are fall all types I thought this may help to share what I myself am currently trying :)
Nada Adelle

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