Monday, 30 March 2015


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Get "summer body ready" season is upon us and to help me with that the lovely guys at Exposure sent me some beau Nike gear along with some awesome running shoes... I guess I'm ready to go! You guys have asked me quite a lot about how to get a flat stomach so I thought I'd share some tips I've learnt (mostly from food documentaries that I'm obsessed with) and will be putting into practice again in the run up to bikini season.

The first thing we all think when it comes to the tummy is to work it like crazy for those washboard abs... actually, it's better to do work outs that focus on big muscle groups at once! circuit training could be your key. 
Another stomach friendly tip is green tea, I HATED the taste of this at first it literally made me heave >.< but believe me, it does get better! once you incorporate it into your day you'll learn to love it and it will help boost your metabolism.
If you're anything like me you will hate this one but ladies, you have to quit the sugar. This is less about the fat and more about hormones! I learnt that keeping your insulin low helps another hormone eat away fat to be used as energy.
As silly as this sounds, chew more! now, that sounds pretty simple but I am one of those people who tends to eat too fast. Lack of chewing means you're not digesting properly and will end up in bloating.
Finally, drink lots of water. I watched a food documentary the other night that said most of the time we feel hungry, we're actually just dehydrated! try drinking a bottle of water before you go to the snacks and see if you're still hungry afterwards. It's really important to keep the body flushed and anything bloating that stomach out.
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