Tuesday, 27 January 2015


Cross Back Sports Bra - (Here)
Double Layer Gym Shorts - (Here)

"Imagine yourself six months from now. Don't stop. It will be worth it." some motivation from me to you that I read this morning as my Missguided Active Wear video's hit part 3. Here I wear another sleek black sports bra but unlike the first, this one has the bright peach strappy cross back that I love so much! girls will be girls hehe. I also opted for the double layer gym shorts this time as I know not everyone feels comfortable wearing leggings and I love that they have provided a cool alternative. If you're taking part in activities that contain a lot of movement or stretching (like my work out above) these are perfect as they're flexible, comfy and have a fitted under layer so definitely no slips.

Above I chose another mini work out from the famous Skinny Bitch Collective which The Coveteur recently mentioned stating 'when it comes to hardcore workout regimes, nothing really kicks your ass like the skinny bitch collective' and boy were they not kidding. As you guys know I've been focusing on my weaknesses (e.g balance in the last video) so this really helped me put a routine together and I definitely did not want to leave out flexibility/legs. This one really does "kick my ass" haha as balance comes in to it and when stretching that far back and relying on my legs... let's just say I fell a few times. Luckily, I headed to fuel first thing this morning for a breakfast shake full of fruit which is helping my energy levels and I really enjoy a less heavy meal in the morning so I was in the LET'S DO THIS mood.

The matrix reach into hip thrusters is one of those activities that works many parts of your body at once e.g abs, core, legs, hip mobility & flexibility so If I can get that all in, in one go, then I'm definitely a fan. If you're starting out try this for 40 seconds and attempt to reach as far back as you can over those shoulders! these work out bits are so affordable it's ridiculous (only £10-£15) so scroll below and get your gym on.
Nada Adelle

Any movements used from this page should be at your own discretion. If you have prior injuries or medical conditions please consult with a medical professional before performing any exercise. Missguided and the skinny bitch collective are not liable for any injury and/or accident that could occur from performing such movements.

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