Friday, 23 January 2015


Cross Back Printed Sports Bra (Here)
Navy Croc Printed Full Leggings (Here)

Part TWO :) Missguided's Active Wear fun continues and this time I'm wearing one of my favourite sets from the collection which is super funky... and comfy! I love a cross back, it just adds a little girly-ness to a sports bra and the colour and print of this set scream go bold or go home! luckily I'm all go bold this season because 2015 is for training insane.

As you know the brand have teamed up with the famous Skinny Bitch Collective home to "A-list Bodies" and this time I really wanted to take part in one of the work outs that highlighted one of my weaknesses which is balance. Oh my god, most of you have read a million times how terrible my balance is but seriously I can't go a day without an Injury. Having said that, you may see why jumping up, twisting round and landing in the same position may be of difficulty to me haha. After doing this work out in my routine for 2 weeks I am definitely getting better and learning the skill - using my brain and body to co-ordinate - which by the way is way harder than it sounds and until you try this 20 rotations in a row will not understand how tiring it is so I CHALLENGE YOU.

I felt the burpee rotations would be of benefit to a lot of you who write to me that they would like to trim down as this is a great cardio work out, it'll really have your heart racing while being more exciting than running on the spot. It's great for your full body being rated a 9/10 difficulty so I'd recommend beginning on 10 rotations (intermediate - 12 / advanced 15-20). If you're into the prints I've put together all of the vibrant pieces available in the Active Wear collection below.
Nada Adelle

Any movements used from this page should be at your own discretion. If you have prior injuries or medical conditions please consult with a medical professional before performing any exercise. Missguided and the skinny bitch collective are not liable for any injury and/or accident that could occur from performing such movements.

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