Tuesday, 20 January 2015


Racer Back Contrast Sports Bra (Here)
Peach Print Panel Leggings - (Here)

Exciting times :) Missguided have finally launched their first ever Active Wear range which is live on site today HERE. I got my hands on three different work out sets from the collection which are definitely not your average boring gym attire! full of colour, personality and amazing quality they're giving us all the motivation to get back into the gym... and look fab doing it.

The brand have teamed up with Russell from the famous Skinny Bitch Collective which is a training regime aimed at empowering women and has actually been called "the secret class for supermodels." Like many of you one of my 2015 resolutions was to really focus on becoming a stronger, healthier and happier Nada :) I've been juicing and blending this month which I've been wanting to do forever and enjoying the hell out of it. You can actually have your whole breakfast in a cup? why not. I also have been wanting to give my body the rest it needs with those earlier nights and focus on the weaker parts of my body so I picked 3 work outs from the SBC to share with you guys including the first one above.

The classic side plank hold is known as one of the best exercises you can do as it works your entire core and is popular with women to shrink the waistline. Believe me, it hurts way more than it looks haha but after doing it for the duration of this month it has gotten a lot easier and I'm definitely feeling that my abdominal muscles are tighter. For a beginner 10 reps on each side following the actions shown above will work your obliques, lower back, core and shoulders (intermediate 20/ advanced 30 reps). I am now in all of your living rooms so I expect work out buddies here haha! let me know if you tried this out and how it works for you. I have put together all my favourite pieces from the Active Wear range below for you to scroll through and look forward to seeing you all in my next video, kisses.

Nada Adelle

Any movements used from this page should be at your own discretion. If you have prior injuries or medical conditions please consult with a medical professional before performing any exercise. Missguided and the skinny bitch collective are not liable for any injury and/or accident that could occur from performing such movements.

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