Saturday, 1 November 2014


The Audrey Dress - Little Black Dress (Here)
Pearl Round Sunglasses - Accessoryo (Here)
Moschino Glass Heeled Sandal - AllSole (Here)

The fabulous first day of the month just had to start off with the most glamorous dress! I mean, i'm really not the one to pass on channeling my inner Hepburn and taking it back to Tiffany's. When I saw this timeless piece I fell in to feather heaven! I have a serious thing for feather detailing in the hemline right now... I suppose it feels rather seasonal. This particular dress was structured carefully to create a sleek silhouette with a gently boned ostrich feather bottom half for the perfect contrast. As you can tell, I am a massive LBD fan and to my delight there is now one place housing all of them. Little Black Dress hold the largest and finest collection of little black dresses and you can even shop by mood (you all know what I chose) so splurging just became all the more easier. I have my heart set on a few others so I guess we can quit all other colours for now haha! Let me know which mood suits your perfect dress.
Nada Adelle

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