Saturday, 22 November 2014



Snake Skin Co Ord - In The Style (Here)
Heels - Missguided (Here)

How breathtaking is the scenery here? It is almost unreal how beautiful nature can be! waking up to palm trees, clear skies, blue sea's and white sand is just PARADISE. My sleeping pattern is so odd right now haha, I'm shattered by 9pm and wide awake by 6am which is totally unlike me! I am definitely the sleep in til mid day type but I'm enjoying having all this time to explore and take it all in. I wore this light Snake Skin Co Ord from In The Style today which was perfect for our surroundings, how cute is the cut? I love it. I also had a late night buy some heels you don't need but totally want a few Sundays ago which resulted in me purchasing these white beauties! The whole fit left me feeling so girly :) more days by the ocean please.
Nada Adelle

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