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So yesterday I took to my Instagram account to give you guys the chance to ask me any questions that go un-answered and promised to pick out some of the most asked and answer them here!

1. How old are you and what is your star sign?
I turned 21 this year and I am an Aquarius.

2. What is your ethnicity and in which city in Morocco do you have a home? 
I am half Arab and half Irish. The city of Meknes... I go back every year to catch up with loved ones.

3. What Lipstick are you wearing?
For quite a while I was a loyal 'Kinda Sexy' girl by MAC, I went to top up a few months ago and they told me it was sold out (it is not) so I opted for 'Please Me' which is very similar and I have been wearing it ever since. I recently bought the 'Spice' lip liner to go with it but I also like to pair it with a berry coloured liner for a darker look.

4. What is your hair routine/ hair products/ hair colour?
First of all, I think it's important to point out that there are many different curly hair types and that it would be impossible to give advice based on one. My better half has curly hair and yet I can not use his products because it's completely different. If you found yourself saying 'my hair is like yours but frizzy' then it is most likely not like mine as I don't get too much frizz.
-In terms of colour, my hair is currently around two shades lighter than my natural colour which is great as it's not a massive difference therefore easier to keep up with as I don't get much out growth.
-In terms of products I like to use mousse, a diffuser and a hairspray or serum. When it comes to mousse I use 'Salon Professional' because it is SO light which my hair needs. E.g if I use my boyfriends it is way too thick and sticky and would leave mine clumpy, flat and completely crispy when dry which would be awful. It works perfectly on his however in more afro/tough based hair so it is important to find the one which is correct for your texture.
When it comes to washing I like to use a blonde based shampoo and conditioner and if you're looking for something rich I recommend the 'Alterna Caviar' product. Due to my job and being on set most of the time I have my hair messed around with and styled A LOT which is probably more damage than your average person. Because of this I get a treatment at my salon around every 3 months (I got one 2 weeks ago) which is like a deep condition and leaves my hair incredibly soft, sometimes too soft to even style.
If you're looking for volume, get yourself a diffuser. This is always the way I dry my hair and may even give your curl a different shape.
To set my hair I usually use a Pantene hair spray but it's great to spray and run your fingers through to seperate curls and hold them in that place this way you may avoid frizz.
The most important thing about maintaining healthy hair will be answered in the next answer.

5. How do you keep your skin so clear?
So I didn't mention this in the above answer as I wanted to go in depth here. When it comes to your hair, your skin and your nails there is absolutely no way of having the best healthy version possible without starting on the inside. You will not get around or avoid that. There is no product that will make this happen. I mean, products are wonderful and I use many (I will do that in a separate post) but why would you want to put it on top of a dirty base? once I realised and educated myself on this It is very clear.
My morning routine starts off with a cocktail of Vitamins. I take C,D,Iron and an advanced tablet containing vitamins, minerals, primrose oil and green tea extract. My diet is now mainly organic. My breakfast is usually made up of organic oats sprinkled with 'Superfoods' such as Chia seeds, flaxseeds, goji berries and bluberry extracts. If you are wanting the glow, the clear skin, the better complexion this is really the only way to achieve that. My advice would be to go and watch these two documentaries (found on Netflix or possibly online) Food Matters and Hungry For Change. The reason I recommend this is because you need to find a real understanding of how and why this is so important as my post can not provide such depth. Once you realise that your food intake can give you everything you want, it's really a no brainer.

6. What are your personal secrets for success?
I tried to think about this one from a very personal perspective to give the most honest tip and it would be that you HAVE to change. I have personally always been resistant to change it's just not something I enjoy but it is so darn necessary. You HAVE to change your life. You HAVE to get up that morning and decide you're going to put in every second. You HAVE to dedicate your time and effort in to what ever you want. Changing for one day and then going back is just not an option. You have to try new things, I mean I've spent the year travelling back and forth and getting used to a city that not long ago terrified me. You have to make that leap and change for good or you will forever be stuck in your current position.

7. Do you ever feel self concious dressed up in heels? I'd love to but I always feel so out of place and people stare.
Just think, if every person who had this thought decided 'so what' this morning and went out in those rocking heels then everyone would be "dressed up" and there would simply be nothing left to stare at. Wear what you want. My daily life consists of events/shoots/parties etc so I am always in that surrounding and dressed accordingly.

8. Do you speak English, Arabic and French?
Indeed. I can speak, read and write the first two and could use some brushing up on the third.

9. Will you be doing a meet and greet in London/ coming back to Liverpool?
I am definitely open to meet and greets there are just so many cities/countries to visit so if you guys would like one in your town feel free to comment below this post (blog comments come straight to my phone so is probably the best form of contact to me) and I will consider in the near future. I have a few events coming up that I always post on my social media so keep a look out. I absolutely adore Liverpool and have no doubt that I will be coming back.

10. What is the best modelling advice you could give to a beginner model?
Make sure you have a credible mother agency, this is the one who will practically manage your whole life and work with your agencies in other cities. Study your face and body! you will find out what works for you and quickly become comfortable in front of the camera.

11. Who is your role model/who inspires you?
My role model has always been my father. We were practically glued at the hip when I was younger and he has been my bestfriend through out my whole life. I've always hoped to become as successful and knowledgeable as he is. I think I draw inspiration the most from those close to me. My better half, Craig, has been a massive source of inspiration to me over the past few years especially in my transition stage. It's so inspiring for me to see someone who was absolutely born to do what he does and spend his time doing what he loves so much. The fact that we are in the same industry is a massive bonus to me, he has been at my side (literally) through all the things I have experienced and it's so much more comforting knowing that at this big scary moment someone is holding your hand. When it comes to fashion inspiration, Blair Waldorf will always be queen: classic, preppy and polished. I was that 15 year old watching Gossip Girl wondering when I would be jet setting and staring at my dream closet. Now I live it.

12. What is your top 3 advice for Law Students?
1. Do assignments as soon as you get them. This seems obvious. but 90% of us leave it until the week before. Your Law Degree will be stressful enough without you piling an unnecessary workload upon yourself which could have been done with ease.
2.  Record all of your lectures on your phone. Believe me, when you are looking back over all of your notes that don't make sense any more because you've had a million lessons since then, nothing is better than hearing the direct answer from your lecturer. Also, there are bound to be things you missed while you were sat there that you can always catch up on later.
3. Decorate your room and use cue cards. Seriously, I did this for every exam. I wrote out notes, stuck them on my walls and then condensed them into smaller notes on cue cards. You will be able to carry these small cards around with you and memories them in a simpler form.

13. Do you want kids in the future?
Sure, I've always pictured myself as a mother. I'd love one or two.

14. What are your goals and dreams?
I would like to continue on the path I am currently on! building and continuing with modelling and being a figure in the fashion industry. My end and main goal has always been to have the platform to be able to partake in large scale humanitarian work. I mean, I studied the legal system because I think it's important to educate yourself and know the ins and outs of an area that you could use to change the world. I'd love to work closely with United Nations organisations.

15. What is the key to happiness in your eyes?
A combination of:
1. Good health - because a healthy working body and a healthy positive mind come from your diet.
2. Spending your time doing something you actually love so that you never have to work a day in your life.
3. Most importantly sharing that healthy positive life with someone/people you absolutely adore and love to death.

Nada Adelle

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