Monday, 8 September 2014


Sunglasses - h&m / similar (Here)
Strap Cami - Asos / Similar (Here)
Embroided Skirt - Mochi (Here)
Heels - Missguided (Here)

When I was in primary school we got the chance to meet some native aborigines from Australia who I instantly fell in love with and ended up writing to as we were so fond. The most astonishing thing about them was their ability to create beautiful embroidery, their skills went as far as being able to build their own huts that they lived in which they attempted to teach us. Anyway, since then I have always had a thing for these hand crafted delights. I came across this beautiful skirt from Mochi who are a brand that actually specialise in these cultural pieces which are made by local artisans. You can tell a garment is of good quality when it is weighty and by the intricate detail in the stitching which is just divine. It still amazes me how much of a story is behind every piece of clothing.
Nada Adelle

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