Saturday, 16 August 2014


Blouse - River Island / On sale (Here)
Neon Pink Clutch - Pret A Portobello/ On sale (Here)
Floral Skort - Quiz (Here)
Heels - New Look / Similar (Here)

Well, it's not Wednesday but today we wear pink! I have had quite a crazy week on my feet so I'm making the most of my weekend in this lovely weather. For those of you who agreed with my all black post, here is one simple way to add some colour in to your outfit/wardrobe. If the thought is daunting you don't always have to wear the pop of colour, why not make the statement with your accessories? this neon clutch from Pret A Portobello is such an easy piece to style as it is just the right amount of bright. It's also quite spacey for how it looks, I was surprised at how much I fit in to it so for a reduced £10 I think i found a good deal. Another nifty item is this Quiz skort which is actually elasticated! seriously, nothing makes me happier than not having to keep tucking in my shirt... or making sure that my crotch is not on show. Queen of comfortable award goes to this item but ladies, beauty is pain when it comes to heels HA so just bare it.
Nada Adelle

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