Saturday, 30 August 2014


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It always feels good to detox every now and then, cleanse our bodies of all the day to day toxins just like we do when taking off our make up. I must admit, I love fruit... I eat a couple of boxes of whatever I can get my hands on every day when snacking so I decided to try the Juice To U 5 day detox which is fresh fruit/vegetable juice delivered to your door. Each bottle is to be consumed at different times of the day and they all have their own benefits e.g the orange bottle 'lets glow' which is my personal favourite cleansing the digestive system and radiating your skin. After a revitilising few days and much needed break, it's time to get back to work. Check out their social outlets @juicetou for more info and I will be seeing you in a few months for another detox when all the rubbish has gotten to me again ;).
Nada Adelle

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