Tuesday, 8 July 2014


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There is nothing better than finding a new coffee/tea shop on your day off with your best friend while walking around the city! How strange is this little place we found? Brick walls, a truck inside, wooden furniture and a few simple little touches of decor... quirky and cute. I have been through a million transitions over the past few months - law graduate who was balancing all her part time fashion hobbies to now taking on blogging and modelling full time with the help of my new London agency Models 1. I mean, I have always been a big believer in "dreams come true" but when they actually do it seems unreal. I always planned to get re-signed again after finishing law school but did not fathom being a face on the books of the largest and most successful agency in Europe alongside some of my favourite stars. I have been travelling back and forth none stop lately which has sparked a move in my mind to find a new home in a new city possibly? the future is exciting.
Nada Adelle

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