Friday, 20 June 2014


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Lets talk LASHES ladies! We all know mascara is the one product everyone claims they would keep in their make up bag if they could only ever use one item ever again and I sit firmly in that group. I have always leaned towards high end mascara's as it is the one cosmetic wonder that I don't mind splashing out on and I usually go for YSL but have been looking for an alternative. Finally, I decided to try out the 3D Fiber mascara from Simply Spoiled after reading a billion reviews and I can not even explain how absolutely amazing it is (yes I'm freaking out) I just want to kiss the person that came up with such a freaking awesome invention. Basically, you use it as normal mascara but it adds little fiber pieces to your own lashes elongating them as if you have just applied individual false eyelashes, genius I know.
How to use:
  1. Apply transplanting gel just like your normal mascara.
  2. Before it dries, apply the fiber thinly to the lashes exactly like step 1.
  3. Repeat one and two again making sure you end with the gel to avoid shedding off the fibers.
Simply Spolied have kindly offered me a special discount code so we can all have super long lashes, use coupon code nada when purchasing to receive 35% off, happy beautifying!
Nada Adelle

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