Friday, 16 May 2014


(Sunglasses - Duck and Cover/ Shirt - H&M/ Trousers - H&m/ Bracelet - La Moda/ Clutch - Mango/ Heels - Zara)

Oh my loves... I am back after an agonising final's period which is now OVER. It's crazy, a few months ago I was harping on about the end coming near and now it has been and passed. I feel so happy and free, I think it only hit me yesterday that my life is completely different now. I started my new Job at a magazine and will be heading into new agencies all month for all the upcoming exciting ventures that are in sight. Just to add to the awesome-ness, the weather has been beautiful all week and today we managed to shoot some pretty pictures in the still city and finally got to wear white's and nude's again. Apparently the weather is a little hotter in London which is perfect as I must pack and journey there later on today... happy bronzing, babes!
Nada Adelle

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